Saturday, 24 April 2010

Vengence and justice

Cold and still
he lies on the floor
blood pouring
from a piercing
made from a knife
When she went to his house
she never thought
a lovers quarrel
could end up like this
A tiff, a quarrel
what could she now do?
She never know so few words
meant she'd end up killing you
In dread she fled
as you bled
waiting for the police to come
she sat in darkness
staring at the loaded gun
This world she could no longer face
so she planned to make another space
she pulled the trigger
and left her body to the grim reaper
That day penance was done
but not by her for pulling the gun
for he had beat and raped her all in one
When he tried to enter heaven he was to told
"Sorry, your soul to Satan you sold"
In heaven she now finds peace
where she can rest and sleep
knowing she is safe in God's hands
protected forever throughout the times of sand

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