Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wings of a dream

You came to me on the wings of a dream
You held out your hand and gently asked for
Me to join you, in the clouds above
You told me it was a peaceful place
No more anger, bitterness, pain or hate
Just full of light, peace and love
I lingered on the edge of your touch
Torn between the two worlds I beheld
Though my love for you is strong and everlasting
I decided I would stay here
As I know this is true
In my dreams I will always find you
And keep you near
But, there are others down here
Who are not so strong that need me too
Just to help them carry on

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sunrise and set

If I never get
To see another sunrise or set
Do not be sad, or regret
Dry your eyes, don't be so forlorn
I as I don't want you to mourn
Dry your eyes
Wipe away your tears
Don't have any fears
I am up in the sky
Watching over you as time goes by
I am sending down my love from above
Showering you with motherly love

Vengence and justice

Cold and still
he lies on the floor
blood pouring
from a piercing
made from a knife
When she went to his house
she never thought
a lovers quarrel
could end up like this
A tiff, a quarrel
what could she now do?
She never know so few words
meant she'd end up killing you
In dread she fled
as you bled
waiting for the police to come
she sat in darkness
staring at the loaded gun
This world she could no longer face
so she planned to make another space
she pulled the trigger
and left her body to the grim reaper
That day penance was done
but not by her for pulling the gun
for he had beat and raped her all in one
When he tried to enter heaven he was to told
"Sorry, your soul to Satan you sold"
In heaven she now finds peace
where she can rest and sleep
knowing she is safe in God's hands
protected forever throughout the times of sand

Monday, 1 March 2010

Vampire mermaid

The mermaid waits in the steely deep waters
Like a lagan waiting to be found
Casting her incantations upon the sailors above
Under her spell they plunge into the ocean
With pierced lips, mirroring a lamprey
The helpless seamen descend quickly towards her
Unaware of their agonizing fate that awaits
She lies there, still, angel like, drawing them in
Until she is ready to move
Then, with killer speed she strikes
And all to soon the deed is done
The waters run red beneath a golden sun

Witch Craft

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

With her cunning smile
She draws you in
With eyes of sparkling blue
She has you mystified

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

Heed my warning
Before it's too late
I know what I am saying
As I tempted fate

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

With just one kiss
I was hooked
Everything she then wanted
She just took

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

With just one kiss
Her spell was cast
Now I am trapped
And I wonder how long it will last

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

She is in my head
Swimming in my blood
I crave her touch
I can't get her out of my heart

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

The potion she uses
Is just like a drug
Unknown to all
You will quickly fall in love

Don't look at her
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through her veins

I need to find a cure
To release me from this curse
To remove the witchcraft
Running through my veins

Don't look at me
Stay away
For there's witchcraft
Running through my veins


He tempts her with teasing words
Trying to catch her as his bait
With cunning lines
He casts out innuendo's
Waiting for her to bite
To his astonishment
She moves on by
Just looking at him
With a twinkle in her eye

Friday, 11 December 2009

Within A Dove

If my words
Could bring you back
I would write how
You never had a heart attack
I would release my pain
Contained in a dove
And it would fly
Showing my undying love
And with that flight
You would not be reaching for the light
That draws you to your heavenly call
And back down to earth you would fall


You left so suddenly
I never had the chance to say goodbye
To this day
I always ask why?
Why were you taken?
Why did I never tell you I loved you more often?
Why didn't I hold you ever time I saw you?
Why, just why?
Tears are in my eyes
My heart is broken
And my last remaining question is
Why, when I need you, did God call you to rest?


His soul is free
From this life
Full of turmoil
Endless strife
He laboured each day
To fed his family
To pay his way

He drew breath
For less than three score years
Before his timely call
To deaths door

He never had time
To enjoy the pleasures
that retirement brings

But now that he's free
And God has given him wings
He can fulfill his dreams

While he waits for
God to call
us one and all
Back to him

Touch Me

Touch me
Hold me
Pull me close
For since you left
I have missed your embrace
And the memory of your arms around me
Is fading fast
Touch me
Hold me
Kiss me goodbye
I miss visiting you
I miss hearing your voice
Our last goodbye wasn't fair
You left me
On that Tuesday night
After a fleeting visit
There was no goodbye
When I saw you next
I touched you
I stroked your hair
As you lay there
Cold but at peace

Next time we meet
It will be in heaven
Then I will
Touch you
Pull you close
Hold you in my arms
Kiss you
"Hello Dad".

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Burn a candle
as a symbol
of our love
in the dark soulless night
showing lovers
the way back home.

Burn a candle
as a symbol
of our love
let the heat from
the burning flame
remind old lovers
of the passion
still burning inside
as hot as ever.

Burn a candle
as a symbol
of our love
as the wax melts
let it pool so
the broken hearted
remember they
do not weep alone.

Peace After Pain

She stands looking
At the coffin thinking
"Peace after pain"
Now her life could begin again
As far as she can remember
It was a cold November
When her mother uttered the words
Which would shatter her world
"We didn't want you"

She looks at the grave
Not weeping, showing no emotion, just being brave
Knowing her mother can never hurt her again
She will now have, peace after pain

Monday, 24 August 2009

She Rides Him

She runs her hands over his chest
Bending forward
she kisses his face
before she mounts him.
Pulling herself on
she sighs with pleasure
It's a while since
she was sat here
sat on top of him.
Carefully she digs her heels
close to his sides.
Movement begins
slowly at first
she rides him
breathing deeper.
Hearts are racing
as heights are reached
She holds her breath.
The horse clears the fence
She sighs with relief.

Shadow Of Consciousness

I could never picture your face
I had to look at a photo
to see you.
Though you were in my dreams
it was just a feeling,
a shadow of consciousness
that you were there with me
no matter hard I tried
to picture you,
I couldn't.
I have now stopped looking at photos.
I have cleared away
the ones hidden within reaching distance
for when I needed to see you.
I needed time to grieve,
To grieve over you.
The friendship I have lost
The Closeness that's gone
The mellifluous of your voice.
So little time has gone by
since making that decision
I can see you.
I see so many images of you
You even visit me now
in my head
during my dreams.
This time not as shadow
as you.

My Lover's Back

He runs his hands over me.
Every cavity, crease and contour.
He searches.
Not as
An old lover,
With tired familiar hands.
Like a child
Who has just received
His first gift
Since the
War and following depression
He savour's
Every moment.
Not wanting to miss a thing.
Every touch.
Every sensation.
To memory.
My lovers back

Don't You Ever Leave Me

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who completes me

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who makes my soul take flight

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who builds me up when I've been torn down

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who can make me smile when I'm feeling low

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who makes my heart skip a beat when I think of you, of us.

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who gives me my secret smile, the one I wear just for you

Don't you ever leave me
As you are the one who still loves me when I am moody, and, brings sunshine into my life.

Don't you ever leave me
As you simply are my world.


There is a storm brewing
Black clouds gathering over head
Thunder in my heart
There is a storm brewing
Flashes of light dancing before me
Rampantness of wind clothing me
There is a storm brewing
Miasma present but not seen
Electric energy within me
There is a storm brewing
Mist all around me
For, I am


You are in front of me smiling
I am in front of you smiling
We are reflections of each other
Creating memories
Storing them somewhere in time
I blink,
the image is gone
For it was a memory
from yesteryear

Just One More Time

If I had the chance
To speak to you
Just one more time
I would tell you
How much I love you
How I always will
How sorry I am
For the things I did wrong
How so very much missed
You are
And how empty
I've become
If I could turn back
Time on itself
I would do
So many things
Then maybe
Just maybe
You'd still be here
With me

I Dreamt Of You Last Night

While I slept I dreamt of you
no not of you
of us
I dreamt I was
Standing in front of you
We were holding
So tight
So close
Never wanting to let goI could see into you brown eyes
The love still there
After all these years
Reflecting back at me
I dreamt of you last night
Sitting on the grass
With me next to you
Both of us laughing in the sun
I woke,to find you were gone
Tears rolled down my face
The longing for you
too great a pain to tolerate
When I fell asleep again
I found you were still wanting for me
Holding out your arms to hold me
I tell you my love for you will never end
I dreamt of us last night
Not of us
just you
I woke again to find
I am still in love with you
And though you are not here
There is some comfort in knowing
you loved me too.

Thoughts Of You

I linger
On the edge of my dream
So I can spend one more minute with you
As, in my dreams
Doesn't exist.
We are so close
Close as my next thought or feeling
I wake
You are gone
You are far away
I am so lost
I pull my pillow close
And hug it,
Wishing it was you
In my cold bed
My heart alone
My body aching
I lie
And think of us.

The Ending

There was something so sad in your face
Your eyes no longer contain their sparkle
I no longer dance in them.
You tell me it's over between us
Hot tears
Collect in my eyes
I look like I have a rain kissed face
As the tears spill forth,
Sorrow and pain in my heart
Replaces the love and joy
Held there minutes ago
You reach out to me,
I pull back,
No longer wanting the hands that once loved me
To touch me
I stand up, turn and walk away
You will never know
I still love you
Even now, this very day.

I Remember

I remember so many things about you.
I remember your voice.
But! I never heard it say goodbye.
I remember your smile.
But! I won't see that again.
I remember your eyes
But! I never saw them when you walked out of my life.
I remember the last words you said to me as you walked away
"Sorry I have to take this call".
I remember so many things about you.
I am just having trouble separating my pain from the hurt.

Rollercoaster Love Affair

As her slumber fades
And morning whispers to her
Its a brand new day
Her first thoughts are of him
And how cruel it is to
Come back into her life
Saying she still means the same to him.
She reasons
If she meant anything to you
You would either go or stay
As coming in and out of her life
Isn't easy to cope with.
When you go she is full of despair
When you are with her
She wonders when you will leave
She doesn't want a roller coaster love affair.

For Emz,

Self Abuse

My friend committed suicide recently
Everyone was shocked
Everyone was sad
No-one saw through his happy face
No-one saw the mask
Sometimes in her world
Cruel and horrible things happen.
When it does she need to bleed
Why do you cut yourself you may ask
She doesn't have one answer
There's a million alas,
But I know today
She is ashamed
She will keep her arms hidden away.
No-one will see through her happy face.
No-one will see her mask.

For a friend, please stop now

If And Why

If loving you was wrong
Why did I want you?
If wanting you wasn't right
Why did I desire you?
If desiring caused me pain
Why did I long to see you again?
If seeing each other again meant we feel in love again
Why was our love so wrong?

Words That Hurt

As soon as the words are said
He knows it will cause pain
But he repeat the words
Just so she hears them again
The words enter her heart
Doing damage
That can never be repaired
She falls to the floor
She watches him leave
Closing the door.

I Am Alone

I am alone
Not wanting anyone to see
The tears falling from my eyes
The pain in my heart
You have gone
Never to return
I will miss you
I will weep for you
I will weep alone
In silence
Wrapped up in my grief.

Finally Found

I have finally found it
after crying over a thousand tears
I have found
peace after pain
I have found release
and no hurt at
the mention of
your name
I have found
the strenght
to move on
Most importantly
I have found
I CAN live
without your love
I CAN be
me again.

Swan Song

Just as swans pair for life
That's what I vowed the day I married you.
Just as she would mourn her partner leaving
I did too.

Could It Be Me?

Who’s smile envelopes your mind?
Who’s hand do you want to grasp?
Who’s lips hold your attention?

Who makes your lips dance with laughter?
Who makes your eyes sparkle?
Who makes your heart race when hearing their voice?

Who do you want to wake up to each morning?
Who do you want to share life’s joys with?
Who do you think of when your mind is wondering?

Who gives you the secret smile your wear?
Who gives you joy to bear the saddest times?
Who gives you hope when you are lost?

Could it be me?


We share a love
that can never
be fulfilled
We share a passion
that has filled
us both
We share the knowledge
that we can
never be
We share the grief
knowing we have to
let each other
go free.

I Miss.......

I miss the sound of your laughter
I miss the way you would look at the drinks I gave you and ask if you'd get drunk
I miss the sound of my phone going off
I miss your messages of love and warmth
I miss the sound of your voice
I miss sitting in the garden on summer evenings with you
I miss visiting you
I miss buying you presents and being able to spoil you
I miss the way you enlightened my life
I miss even having to remind you to take your tablets - though you hated them
I miss the way you make me feel wanted
I miss you because I know you'd understand what I am going through right now
But most of all
I miss the way you loved me


Change of account names
Proof of absence
To remove his debts.
All involved
In this strange
But common
Everyday practice
Known as

I know How To Turn You On

I sit staring at you
Wearing my Mona Lisa smile
Yes, the secret smile
That comes upon my lips
When I drift away in thought
I know how to turn you on
I know what buttons to press
Slowly but in a determined action
I bend down lower,
Only then
Do I touch you
I know how to turn you on
I know what buttons to press
So I do!
You come to life and
Start to make familiar noises
As my disc drive formats


She held the blade steadily
Looking at it
Feeling numb
She checked that the edge was sharp
Ready to use
It was time to release
The pain inside
To have a reason
For hurting so much
Slowly but deeply
She slid it through her flesh
Blood began to seep
Through the the tiny cuts
The blood
Dark and red
Began to pool
On the floor
At last,
The hurt inside her
Began to find away out
She finally found
A reason for hurting the way she did.

Take Me In Your Arms

Take me in your arms
Kiss me, keep me safe
Make me feel like the child you loved
Bring back our memories.
Take me in your arms
Sigh and whisper in my ears
Tell me the secrets of our future you have planned
Remind me of the journeys we have shared.
Take me in your arms
Touch me, explore me, discover me
Make me feel the like the woman I am
Sensual and seductive to my master.
Take me in your arms
Hold me tight
Don't let me go
Until my day fades
And my sun sets.

The Hookers Prayer

The next one she meets
She's not gonna shag
Unless of course
It's someone she's already had

For once in her life
She wants to be seen
As something new
Someone clean

To keep her vow
This maybe hard to do
But she is determined
To do it for you

The next time
She says 'I do'
Its not telling a client , she sleeps around
But telling a priest,
Her man she has finally found

The next one she meets
She's not gonna shag
For once in her life
She is not gonna be a slag

Long Way To Go

I have came a long way
Yet, I still have a long way to go.
I have battled turmoil
Yet, turmoil I still have to battle.
I have shed a thousand tears
Yet, a thousand tears I still have to shed.
I have had my heartbroken
Yet, heartbreak I still face.
I have said goodbye to loneliness and embraced friends
Yet, I still have said goodbye to friends and embraced loneliness.
I have came a long way
Yet, I still have a long way to go.

Looking At You

I am looking at you
Standing in the sand
I can see
The curve of your leg
The bareness of your chest
Which the sun is beating upon
You are looking towards the East
And I hope you are thinking of me
Like I am thinking of you
I wish it was me beating down on your chest
And the heat from my body you are feeling
But, I know it's not
For this is just an old photo from yesteryear
And these are just scribbled lines
From a wanton empty but longing heart.

Do You...?

Do you miss me?
As much as I miss you
Do you long to hear my voice ?
As much as I long to hear yours
Do you remember my smile?
As much as I still see yours dancing on your lips
Do you still remember the things we shared?
As much as I dare when I'm feeling strong
Do you still hear my laughter?
As much as I hear yours
Do you still want to call me in the middle of the night?
As much as I want you to call
Do you still want to hold me in your arms?
As much as I want to be held
Do you wonder if I think of you
Well, if you are reading this
You know I do....

Last Night

I held your hand
Again last night.
I saw your smile,
Felt your embrace
The warmth from your body
went straight to my soul.
When it was time to wake
I do not want to go
For sleep is the only place
Where we still meet
And every memory
Still is sweet.


Battered and bruised
left crushed and broken
feeling destroyed.
Rage and hurt
consume the soul
like fire and flame.
Time heals all
I am rising from
the former ashes of my life.
Like a phoenix
something new and strong
now exists and comes forth
A vixen, a temptress, a siren stronger more confident
ready to take on the world.

The Things You Do To Me

Do you know what you do to me?
You make my heart flutter like swallows tails
Do you know what you do to me?
You bring a brightness to my eyes like shining stars
Do you know what you do to me?
You make my heart glow like warm fire embers
Do you know what you do to me?
You make me giggle like a school child
Do you know what you do to me?
You make my stomach turn over as if tickled by butterflies
Do you know what you do to me?
You make me greet each day with haste
Do you know what you do to me?
You make me wear a smile that sits secretly on my lips
Do you know what you have do to me?
You have melted away the ice I have been protected in
Do you know what you have done to me?
You have made me love again


I lived my life in darkness until you came along
You added light and colour to my monochrome world
I know I had once existed in radiance and colour
But it had slowly faded through out the years
Leaving me in the turmoil of the shadows
You came and chased away the greyness
Adding a vast spectrum of colour to my life
Giving me the ability to shine again

Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Just as the deciduous tree
is unable to stop
it's mantle of leaves falling.

The harlot is unable to stop

her clothes from sliding off

Both are reacting to nature.


There are times,
when on the train back from town,
when I feel I could just stay on there and never get off.
It feels sometimes like my life,
going by so fast,
never getting to the final destination.
I will arrive one day.
That will be the day
I find me
and the meaning of my existence.
Some friends
can be just like
the rolling of the sea
For a while
are there
But just like the tide
Soon some are gone
and all you are left
with are
memories of days gone by.

True friends are the ones who
know you
for who you are.
Seeing you at your
These are the friends
that last forever.
I whisper softly in the wind
No other place to cast the words
No other ears to hear
Memories of you still linger
Here in my head
but no longer with fear or dread.
I thought my heart
would remind broken
but as wings heal
so do hearts
It took awhile
for the pain and
the wantonness to subside
I can now hold
my memories of you in my head
without making a single


She was told once he wants more
patiently he has waited
she was venerable
She was weak,
unaware the game he was playing
With his smooth words he would coax her
She gave out info never before shared
he sought for the info to other secrets she held
Then once gained
he played her again
And like a harp she sang
to the teasing of his fingers

Thorns and needles

Just as the thorns on a rose

Hurts as it

pierces the skin

So does the needle

when the ink goes


Desire Fulfilled

Lust is strong
Flesh is weak
Bodies entangled
Moments of pleasure
Beads of sweat
Moans from satisfaction
Desire fulfilled

Heartbreak Wine

Dull red wine was her poison
in a crystal glass
She would say to herself"
I'll have just this one"then again
she'd say"Just one more"
Until she would open another bottle.
Soon she would drink enough
for the heartbreak to fade
as the wine would take hold
and she would fall into
a land where
don't exist

Now That You're Gone

Now that you're gone
Who'll kiss me tenderly?

Now that you're gone
Who'll hold me closely?

Now that you're gone
Who'll speak to me softly?

Now that you're gone
Who'll long to hold me?

Now that you're gone
Who'll wipe away the tears?

Now that you're gone
Who'll tell me everything will be fine?

Now that you're gone
What will I do?


Just as bubbles drift on the air
My mind often drifts to thoughts of you.


Lies come forth easily
Without thought or restraint
It's truth that stumbles in
Ones throat

Perfect World

You said your love was forever
Together forever
Forsaking all others
You claim our world is perfect
That I'm the one.
The only one.
So why did


You said to me that
to you situations are either
black or white.
Was I black?
Was I white?
I was neither.
I was Grey...
For I belonged to the undisclosed area
of your mind
where its

Each Word Spoken

I fell in love with you
with each word that was spoken

Now you are gone and
I am heartbroken