Monday, 24 August 2009

I Dreamt Of You Last Night

While I slept I dreamt of you
no not of you
of us
I dreamt I was
Standing in front of you
We were holding
So tight
So close
Never wanting to let goI could see into you brown eyes
The love still there
After all these years
Reflecting back at me
I dreamt of you last night
Sitting on the grass
With me next to you
Both of us laughing in the sun
I woke,to find you were gone
Tears rolled down my face
The longing for you
too great a pain to tolerate
When I fell asleep again
I found you were still wanting for me
Holding out your arms to hold me
I tell you my love for you will never end
I dreamt of us last night
Not of us
just you
I woke again to find
I am still in love with you
And though you are not here
There is some comfort in knowing
you loved me too.

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