Friday, 11 December 2009

Within A Dove

If my words
Could bring you back
I would write how
You never had a heart attack
I would release my pain
Contained in a dove
And it would fly
Showing my undying love
And with that flight
You would not be reaching for the light
That draws you to your heavenly call
And back down to earth you would fall


  1. hey there whisper, good to hear from! :)

    we don't have snow let just very cold temps. ;(

    take care and thank for stopping by !

  2. This is sad, but lovely sentiment. Loss. no matter the degree equals invisible scars.

    I wish you freedom from your sadness and dreams of a future filled with the knowledge that they are never gone from us. Rather, they live inside us.


  3. Beautiful!!

    I hope your message is been reached to the recipient.. pure, true feelings never die... no matter that person is around u physicaly or not.. b proud dear if you own such feelings for someone..

    Best Wishes,

  4. You've expressed your pain in a soft eloquent manner. Very effective.

  5. Happy new year to everyone xx

  6. boniourkee

    Thank you stop by any time :)